2018+ Ranger 1000XP Clutch kit (new body style)

With nearly 30 years of CVT tuning experience, we have released our new clutch kits for the new body ranger 1000! These kits are not designed for the guy just looking to go faster after removing the speed limiter in the ecu. They are for the guy…



With nearly 30 years of CVT tuning experience, we have released our new clutch kits for the new body ranger 1000. These kits are designed for the ones looking to get the most out of their new Ranger 1000.

Unlike others using OEM cast weights that lack in acceleration, belt grip, and power delivery. And mostly just let your engine run higher RPM while not really doing much else, our weight profile and custom springs make more power to the wheels. More torque to haul and pull the heaviest of loads. More belt grip to turn big tires and climb over obstacles. All the things that you purchased your Ranger to do!

This is the perfect thing to give you a smooth positive engagement while eliminating the jerky feel of the Ranger clutches. It will work on a stock tuned or aftermarket tuned machine. Weights will come preset and ready to bolt in for your application and tune stage. These weights are machined taller than stock to help tighten up the belt to sheave gap for unmatched smoothness on engagement and belt grip in all conditions. 

Kit for stock to 29″ tires includes 3 of our custom designed adjustable weights, hardware kit for easy weight changes and a new primary spring to give the ultimate in performance from your Ranger 1000. 32-34″ tires will add a “high load”, or “mudder” spring to help with upshift and backshift rate due to the large tires and load they put on the clutch system. All of which are chosen and calibrated specifically to your build, HP, and riding conditions.

For tire sizes 35″ and larger please contact us for a custom build application for your needs.

No other kit on the market will grip as hard, accelerate as fast, and give the performance that this kit will!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Highlifter, HVAC, Ranger, Ranger Crew

Tire Size

25-28", 29-31", 32-34", 35+


0-3000 Feet, 3001-6000 Feet, 6001-9000 Feet, 9001 + Feet

Tuning Stage

Stage 1 – Stock intake & Exhaust 91 Oct, Stage 1.5 – Stock Exhaust, Stage 2 – Aftermerket Exhaust, Stage 3 – Aftermarket Exhaust & Intake 91 Oct, Stage 3R – Aftermarket Exhaust & Intake 100 Oct, Stock